Frequently Asked Questions

What is Phase 4? I thought I heard something about the Germans giving us a satellite, is that Phase 4?

Why can't we just do another AO-10/13/40 style satellite?

When is the launch? Expected answer is that the current best guess as of is that the launch will be but that this is likely/not-likely/certainly going to change.

When can I use the satellite? How long after launch will it be available to amateurs?

What are the uplink/downlink bands (note: bands, not exact frequencies)?

Why do we have to use those uplink/downlink bands?

Why isn't going to be used on this satellite?

Can I work this satellite with my HT?

How much is it going to cost me to get the right kind of radios to use this satellite? What kind of antennas do I need?

Can someone explain to me if this is going to have an analog or a digital transponder? Can I actually talk to people or will this be another beep-sat?

What is this ARAP thing?

How far will I be able to work DX / what is the foot print going to be?

It's geostationary/geosynchronous/geo-what? Really? Where is the satellite going to be in the sky when viewed from my house?

What do you mean that the footprint isn't going to change from minute-to-minute like every other amateur satellite? How much do you think the footprint will move per day? per year?

How long will this satellite be alive / how long will it keep working ?

Where are we at with this project? How far along is this project ? Is it done yet?

What does the project need help with? What skills are needed? How can I help make this happen?

If Qatar or some other country launches a satellite will we be able to cross-link/connect the two satellite together to work further DX?

Will I be able to collect telemetry? How? What kind of telemetry will be sent down? What kind of equipment will I need so that I can collect telemetry?

Oh, you wanted answers too...